Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Large Fowl

The large fowl Silver Laced Barnevelder is a relatively recent addition to the Barnevelder stable. Good specimens are rare in the UK. The most common fault is the red leakage present in the feathers which causes a saddle of smudginess and discolouration from a subtle yellow red all the way through to full mahogany in some cases.

A young silver laced chick:

silver laced barnevelder chick.JPG

Silver males are not suitable for showing in the United Kingdom as they need to have laced breast feathers which I have yet to see. There are no such limitation on the continent where a full black chest is preferred.

Silver barnevelder grower.JPG

The silver double laced large fowl does not lay a deep brown egg like some other types, mine lay a light brown and sometimes speckled egg. I has the characteristics of the breed otherwise with a solid shell and a good size.

silver barnevelder online store.JPG

A good example of the breed is an elegant and stunning bird, the white on black has a spectacular effect, and unfortunately problems in the lacing stick out like a sore thumb.

They should conform to the breed standard and have nice yellow legs.