An Introduction into next years breeding stock of Barnevelders and bantam Wyandottes.

The Silver Laced Barnevelder 

This is one of out 16 week old silver laced barnevelder hens for next years breeding stock. The eggs are still a little light in colour but we will continue to select for dark eggs. The Silver and the lacing is excellent. Please bear in mind if you order the eggs or birds for next year that our barnevelders are selected to European standards and are darker in the chest than UK birds.

Selection of the cockerels will take a few week yet as they need to grow on a little more. I know there are a few people who are interested in a silver roo but it is likely to be January before they can be selected.

We have added some new content to the Website:

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Bantam Wyandottes:

Below is a trio of bantam Wyandottes on their way to a new home this Thursday evening. If you would like some next year please send us a pre-order email.