Identifying your Barnevelder

So how do you know if you have a real barnevelder ?

There are a few types of chickens and even some hybrids that look a bit or quite a lot like Barnevelders. We recently had someone come to us who bought some eggs that were sold to them as Barnevelders and they turned out like the hen you see in the picture, with rose combs and incomplete lacing. The first clue should have been the cream coloured eggs.

She looks a fair bit like a barny and could easily fool anyone who hasn't seen one up close or is not familiar with the breed standards. She has a rose comb and is more slight in size and weight and of a slightly smaller build the a true barnevelder.

The chicken in this picture i would guess is a a wyandotte cross and may have some barnevelder in them but the rose comb is a give away. Bear in mind when crossing out that the rosecomb is dominant always so even a single copy of the gene will give a bird with a rosecomb.

The second picture is a Partridge Rock, which is lighter in colour but can still look like one at a distance.

There is a particular problem with the identification of cockerels which are often difficult to associate with a breed at the best of times, Black and white barnevelders can look an awful lot like their campanion Rocks.