The egg season is finally underway.

The Silver laced large fowl are finally ready.

The silver Laced barnevelders are now in their breeding pens . I am particularly chuffed with the form and stance of the hens. the lacing is clear and well defined and free from the dreaded red leakage. I will be setting some eggs this weekend to test for fertility and shipping will start as soon as I know the birds are fertile.Anybody who has placed a pre-order will be contacted first , first come first served but as we have 2 pens with 11 hens things should get moving quite quickly.

I am also very pleased with the colour and legs of the birds. You can see a picture of these in the now updated breed standard . I have translated this so it might not make for the easiest reading but the legs are about half way down the page.
And now for something completely different: This is a German Bush Fowl hen. The are friendly and full of character and lay the most amazing mid sized green / blue egg.

They are also known as Javanese bantams although they are a little larger than true bantams. They birds are fully hardy and fly well but are excellent producers and lay well all year.

If anyone is interested drop me an email.
Barnevelder bantam hatching eggs in both silver and gold will be shipping out in the next week to 10 days as well.

Full size standard Gold Laced Barnevelder Hatching eggs will be ready , the reason for the slight delay on these is we were trap nesting birds to select for the best eggs.

Blue Laced Barnevelders were Penned up last month. I had quite a bit of repair work to do after this years terrible winter up here in Yorkshire. If you want to breed your own blues please let me know and i will include eggs more likely to hatch a splash male which makes for better hens.

This is a blue laced chick from out first test hatch this year: