Breed Profiles

Chicken Breed profiles - 

In this section you will find the breed profiles for the breeds I have kept in the past or currently am keeping.

Once you've decided that you want to keep chickens, you need to choose the chicken breed or breeds you are going to raise on your plot. Chickens come in many different colors, sizes, and personalities and with over 200 breeds in almost endless plumage variations, it can be hard to choose.  This list of breeds that I have kept will hopefully help you figure out what you would like to keep.

Firstly you will need to learn about the different characteristics of breeds and why you might want to choose one over the other. They all have different characteristics. When choosing your perfect chicken, you'll need to decide the primary function you're chicken is expected to uphold. Do you want as many eggs as possible, or are you looking for a bird that matures quickly and grows big? Or do you just want a pet around the homestead.

Egg Layers - While all chickens can lay eggs, not all chickens can lay enough eggs for everyone's needs. Some chickens can only produce a few eggs a week, while others can produce hundreds over the course of the year, and some are renowned winter layers.

Showing - Not all chickens are kept just to produce eggs or meat. A lot of breeds find their primary purpose is simply to look stunning and be friendly and easy to handle, making them excellent for taking around for poultry shows.

Size - Do you like them big or small, Japanese Bantams and Seramas to Jersey Giants and Brahma's, Brutus my Japanese bantam cockerel is 6 ounces of pure character and Tiddles ( a Gold Laced Brahma rooster) is a 1 stone, 1Lb and 4ounces and luckily is a complete teddy bear.

Whilst it is only a general guide as each bird can differ, knowing the temperament of a breed before going in will help when deciding which breeds to raise together assome chickens are very calm and friendly around humans while others are rather flighty.

Meat birds - Not suitable for everyone but not evey chicken will make a good meal. Some chickens are just to scrawny to be very useful as a meat bird, and otherse will be huge but mature too slowly to be considered viable as a meat birds. Don't forget the guinea fowl, duck or goose.