The Bantam Barnevelder

Bantam barnevelder hen

The bantam barnevelder is a good layer of dark cream eggs, whilst they should of course lay a Golden brown egg like their large fowl cousins I have yet to see one in the UK that does. They are hardy and sturdy little birds that tame well and make good pets. My bantam barnevelders enjoy the company of people and have been easily tamed. Mine are considerably more broody than the standard size but share their predispotition for winter laying.

Single fine, or quite small comb that are easy to handle , lively, attractive and friendly. Mine live outdoors in North Yorkshire and thrive in the free range enviroment.

The Bantam Barnevelder is relatively rare and hails from Northern Europe just like it's large fowl cousin. Mine lay 4 to 5 eggs a week. I do not think that the bantam barnevelders lay dark eggs any more if they ever did, the birds that were crossed in to produce them mostly produce white or cream eggs. My Silver laced bantam barnevelders lay a speckled cream egg which is particulaly beautiful.

Both the Silver and Gold Laced Bantam Barnevelder are regular and reliable broodies and exceptional mothers.

These are some of my silver laced Bantam barnevelders :


They are exceptionally pretty and have all the characteristics of the breed. The bantam males should weight around 1100g ( 2.5Lb )and the hens around 900grams. ( 2Lb )

This is a close up of the breast feathers of the Silver Laced Bantam Barnevelder: 

bantam barnevelder breast feathers

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