From the perch Issue 1

Hi from a cold and snowy Yorkshire.

I am interested to know:

1 - How many birds you have and whether you breed and/or show them.

2 - What people feed their chickens, seed, pellets or fermented.

3 - Where you get the feed from. Agricultural feed merchants, internet  or petstore.

Reply to this email to let me know. The data will be used in an article but no names, addresses or other identifiable details will be published.

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Those of you who were waiting for hatching eggs for some of our breeds will already know we suffered a theft of 32 birds ( 7 breeding groups).

We lost splash and blue barnevelders, double laced barnevelders and La Bresse Gauloise.

Theft of birds is relatively common, there were 7 other incidents local to us in the week around our theft.

I did a bit of research and looked into some government stats and There are some things you can do to prevent theft of chickens. and some of them are easy and quick.

I have relocated to an alternative site and managed to source replacements from good stock for next year.

From our feedback we had 16 100% hatches from posted eggs this year and an overall hatch rate of 72%.

I replace eggs for the cost of postage if you have a bad hatch. Also please contact me if you have an unduly large number of males in a hatch. I have sent out 2 replacement batches of eggs to people after they hatched 11 and 10 boys.

I always love to see pictures of my hatching eggs running around: