Barnevelder Chicks in pictures

Pictures of Barnevelder chicks:


Happy huddle snoozing on my desk.

barnevelder chicks

I'm pretty sure this is the very definition of gluttony, sleeping in your food.

barneveldr chicks asleep in their food bowl.JPG

This is my ideal method of rasing baby barnevelders

mum with babies.JPG

This is one of my most retweeted images


You are never to young to perch

barnevelder chick perching.JPG

or have a dust bath

chick having a dustbath.JPG

A silver laced barnevelder chick

silver laced barnevelder chick.JPG

Two Silver Laced Bantam Barnevelder chicks


A growing Silver Laced Large Fowl Barnevelder Baby


video of silver laced chicks - -turn your sound down.