Chickens for sale

We are selling some of our breeding groups of chickens to make space for more  and new breeds of barnies.

Also if you would like to know when we will have partridge, black, white and chamois barnevelders for sale, please join the mailing list to be kept informed.

( we only send about 1 email every month and we don't share or sell our list). Please keep scrolling down the page to see all the birds.

We are selling a breeding group of light sussex large fowl:


Pure Blue Barnevelder


9 hatching eggs for the Pure Blue Barnevelder. This is an absolutly stunning bird laying a brown egg. 

Not autosexing.

Sorry, currently sold out, contact us too pre order.

These eggs are ready to order, they may be a delay of up to 90 days.

Pure blue barnevelder
Price: £50.00

Blue laced barnevelder hatching eggs


9 Blue laced barnevelder hatching eggs. Our hens lay 180 /200 speckled chesnut brown eggs per year.

Not autosexing.

We think these are quite stunning. Blue laced barnevelders do not breed true, contact us If you would like to produce your own.

The current waiting time for dispatch can be as much as 14 days.

blue laced barnevelder hen
Price: £40.00

Delivery, Postage and packaging

We send our eggs by next day courier. 

Birds and livestock are collection only although we do use a national registered bird courier. This option is expensive.

Postage is a single fixed cost to all UK post codes. - £6.85

Postage to the EU varies considerably, email us for a quote. Depending on the country UPS varies between £24 and £90.

Our guarantee

We like all our customers to be happy with what they purchase from us so for this reason we offer a guarantee for the eggs and birds we supply.

So what is the guarantee?

Eggs - we will replace any order for eggs when you get less than 6 fertile from 9 eggs. We spend a lot of time making sure all our birds are fertile and we have a lot of faith in our packaging. We only post fresh eggs less than 60 hours old.


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